PATTISON Outdoor Partners with Oxford Properties Group to Launch ‘Next Generation’ Digital Canvas in Calgary

PATTISON Outdoor’s Digital Canvas Wall, located in Bow Valley Square’s office tower complex in Downtown Calgary.


CALGARY, AB, JANUARY 21, 2019 – PATTISON Outdoor Advertising, Canada’s leader in the sales and operations of Out-of-Home Media, in partnership with Oxford Properties Group, are pleased to announce the completed installation of a new digital canvas located in Calgary’s +15 Pathway at Bow Valley Square. This new digital wall delivers a revolutionary platform that integrates state-of-the-art technology to bring new possibilities to the urban digital landscape.


PATTISON’s Digital Innovation Team, Onestop, engineered custom content for this one-of-a-kind digital display. Designed to emulate the long and expansive appearance of a prairie terrain, this video wall includes a slate of cutting-edge features. The 50-foot, 1.5mm pitch LED display delivers an unrivaled visual experience to commuters in Calgary’s covered path network, establishing a new industry standard for Digital Out-Of-Home and Place Based Media. Advertisers have the ability to display in standard 16:9 format on the primary screen, with adjacent panels serving as a complimentary visual, or integrate the entire digital canvas to create truly unique and engaging experiences.


“This is a product developed from a strong and innovative partnership with Oxford Properties Group. Designed to be an artistic installation as well as a revenue item, we look forward to experimenting with this new Digital Canvas for years to come. The plan is to see content evolve season to season and year after year, to truly make this a living, breathing part of Oxford’s first-class property; and Calgary’s downtown” says Ian Gadsby, Vice President of Digital technology at PATTISON Outdoor.


PATTISON and Oxford Properties Group are proud to announce this digital product will also act as a creative canvas for the students of Alberta’s College of Art and Design (ACAD). This exciting collaboration will highlight the dynamic features of the digital canvas by delivering both relevant commuter information from Onestop’s Digital Office Network as well as innovative projects submitted by the students of ACAD.


“ACAD is proud to partner with PATTISON and Onestop for the launch of this innovative digital technology previously unseen in Alberta. The School of Communication Design at ACAD consistently produces talented creatives prepared to adapt to and thrive in the rapidly developing field of design. The digital canvas in Bow Valley Square provides our emerging artists a unique opportunity to showcase their work and reach new audiences in downtown Calgary.” Scott Cressman, Chair, School of Communication Design, Alberta College of Art + Design.


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About PATTISON Outdoor Advertising:

PATTISON Outdoor Advertising, a division of The Jim Pattison Group, is Canada’s largest Out-of-Home advertising company. PATTISON provides innovative solutions for Out-of-Home advertising with products ranging from Classic billboards and posters to transit, digital, airports, residential, office, and street furniture. PATTISON offers Canada’s largest portfolio of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising properties through PATTISON Onestop, a world-leader in the design, operation, and advancement of digital advertising networks for the office, transportation, sports retail, and residential environments, and with its experiential/interactive development arm at Fourth Wall. PATTISON is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and includes over 25 sales offices across the country providing advertisers unmatched reach and coverage with products available in nearly 200 markets coast to coast. PATTISON Outdoor Advertising is the exclusive supplier for advertising on the Toronto Transit Commission’s (TTC) transit system.


About Alberta College of Art + Design
Founded in 1926, Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD) has been a major contributor to Canada’s visual culture in the 20th century, with many of its graduates gaining significant national and international reputations as artists, designers and creative leaders. ACAD provides accredited degree standard education and learning opportunities to 1,200 students enrolled in full- and part-time studies in a wide range of art, craft and design studio disciplines. In addition to credentialed undergraduate degrees in a variety of program areas, the College offers a Masters of Fine Art in Craft Media, making it the only institution in the province to offer and confer university-level undergraduate and now, graduate degree programs in art, craft and design. ACAD achieved university status on Thursday, March 1, 2018.


For more information contact:


Ian Gadsby

Vice President, Digital Technology



Scott Cressman

Chair, School of Communication Design, Alberta College of Art + Design.


PATTISON Outdoor Transforms Calgary’s Bus Rapid Transit Experience with New MAX ‘Next Bus Arrival’ Screens

(Pictured above) PATTISON Outdoor expands its advertising footprint in Calgary with new BRT passenger displays. (Pictured right) PATTISON’s ‘Next Bus Arrival’ feature provides Calgary MAX Transit riders with up-to-the-minute information.


CALGARY, AB, JANUARY 29th, 2019 – PATTISON Outdoor Advertising, Canada’s foremost Out-of-Home advertising company officially announces the launch of its state-of-the-art BRT Passenger Information screens. This innovative transformation brings eighty-seven freestanding structures across the four new lines of Calgary’s MAX Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service, providing the transit audience with timely and vital information on vehicle schedules through PATTISON’s ‘Next Bus Arrival’ feature. PATTISON also offers advertisers an unparalleled opportunity to target the Calgary market at large, with a combined total of 172 screens that elevate the transit experience by pairing passenger spots with relevant and valuable advertising content.


Extending the mission of Calgary Transit, PATTISON’s ‘Next Bus’ Automated Passenger Information System (APIS) enhances the commuter experience by bringing accessible and reliable information on arriving busses, while presenting an exciting opportunity to advertisers. Measuring at 55”, these vertically-oriented Outdoor displays have high viewability, offering local and national businesses the opportunity of targeting both pedestrians and vehicular traffic. Situated at outdoor bus stops, the digital passenger displays reach consumers across Calgary’s greater neighbourhoods – areas that were previously unreachable by other forms of media, such as the affluent suburbs along the South Crosstown MAX Teal line.


“The fusion of integrated design, advance passenger information, and advertising represents the future of the Out-of-Home industry,” said Brian de Ruiter, Vice President and General Manager, Prairie Region, PATTISON Outdoor. “We are thrilled to provide Calgary Transit with Canada’s most state-of-the-art transit vehicle information system and offer advertisers the opportunity to take their advertising to a whole new level throughout the City of Calgary.”


Calgary’s new BRT integrates with existing transit lines in Calgary, including the Bus and Light Rapid Transit (LRT) systems, both of which PATTISON represents advertising for as well. Businesses can benefit by pairing BRT passenger screens with the current Digital LRT network, along with other transit formats, for campaigns that penetrate their target audience in meaningful ways. PATTISON also offers the option to scale nationally with product offerings similar to the BRT displays in markets such as Vancouver and Montreal.




About PATTISON Outdoor Advertising:

PATTISON Outdoor Advertising, a division of The Jim Pattison Group is Canada’s largest Out-of-Home advertising company. PATTISON Outdoor helps brands and businesses harness the power of Out-of-Home advertising by providing the most comprehensive range of products, markets, insights and customer support services. With its roots reaching back to 1908, PATTISON has been providing innovative solutions for Out-of-Home advertising opportunities with products ranging from traditional billboards to transit, digital, airport, residential, office, and street level formats. PATTISON is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and includes over 25 sales offices across the country providing advertisers unmatched reach and coverage with products available in over 200 markets coast to coast.


For more information contact:

Brian de Ruiter

Vice President & General Manager, Prairie Region, PATTISON Outdoor Advertising