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Our Distance Testing tool includes templates for each of our product pillars so you can evaluate the visibility of your campaign.

Distance Testing illustrates how the creative design may appear on the street in a particular outdoor format (e.g. posters, street level or large format displays).

Please note this service is a tool to aid in evaluating the legibility of the creative design from a variety of distance ranges, and are for reference only.

Distances used in the above tools are based on industry recognized ranges for suitable viewing impressions and are intended for assessing the legibility of your creative designs in their respective environments.

The colour reproduction may not be an accurate replication of the original creative due to differences in computer platforms/monitors/printers used in this testing service. Please discuss any concerns or questions about reproduction including font size, colour, image size or other attributes with your PATTISON Account Executive or Production Services Representative prior to the actual production of the creative design.

In addition to Distance Tests, PATTISON also offers a variety of Transit Visualization templates. These visualizations are used to aid advertisers by showing creative in the environment it will be placed and are for reference purposes only as there are no industry viewing standards for these media products.

If you would like to review the process, please contact a PATTISON Account Executive.